21 December 2012

Street Style .. sup!!

 Hello People i'm Back! lolz so i was in Cebu at this very Moment Blogging in an Hotel cuz they have free Wifi! lolz, i was up till this very night cause i want you to know what happen to me this few days in Cebu so here it goes,

so today we went to Plantation Bay, here in cebu it was so much Fun! together with my sister on the left, me and my Cousin Nicole on the right, Damn right its hot that day!

Plantation bay!!!

Bottom - Light wash jeggings
Shoes - Creaper
Bag- Stud fringe Bag

Thrift shirt
-Broadway Checkered layover

with Nicole ! it was an awesome first day :D
My Vlog video about this trip will be up soon.....
and a GIVEAWAY Tooo Lolz

- so i'm tired! its 1:50 in the morning, we been partyy'n up all night and by tomorrow i guess i'll buy something for my BFF Bam2x.. so Shhhh what should
i get her? aurg can't decide so see you again tomorrow guys bye Mwuah TC :D

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