17 February 2013

DIY Heart Shorts

Hello Everyone I'm back again I'know its been a month actually, its just that i'm kinda busy with school works. BTW here its is a post valentine DIY Hope you guys like it Bye :* PLS Watch in HD

What You Need.

Scissor     Textile Paint   Sponge    Shorts  Plasticsheets
With your Plastic sheet ( Make sure its a hard one guys) mine
i'm using from our old picture album..
sorry ma if your reading this XD
Cut an Heart shape on it.. :)

fill in the mold with any color of the paint that you want
make sure that  it will also be color co-ordinated with
your shorts.
I'm sure it will probably look like this :)

I know that some of it looks probably mess up.. just practice


PS GUIN If Your reading This HINTAY2x ka muna lab u!! XD

19 January 2013

No Heat Curls Ft. Socks

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Here's How:

You'll need a small comb

Comb your hair to ease tangles then part it in half

Take a Thick section of hair in your crown area :)

Take the sock the curled it towards your head

Curled  it towards!
tahDah! XD
Take another section
of your hair
Curled Towards :)
tie it tightly :)
Section again hair :)
I spray mine with a little water to make it more easyly  workable
take the sock again and roll it upwards or towards your head
Roll and Roll
Lope then,
TIIEE It Tightly lolz hahah
After you roll and tie all your sections, i'm pretty sure it will look
like this :) hahah
Wait for 2hrs but i recommend it that you'll to this before you sleep at night
so that you don't get the hastle  of waiting lolz

Hope you Guys like it! :) my voice is kinda odd cause i was sick at the moment so sorry for that :)

25 December 2012

What I Got For Christmas 2012!

Warning : If you don't like what you see or read in this blog you can walk away, its not that i was bragging to you guys what i have or recieve, i'm just sharing to you guys this cause i consider you guys part of my life! so here it is 

1st up..  Make-up

Elf Tinted moisturizer in Nude
Elf cover everything concealer in Light
Elf Little Black Beauty Book Warm Edition
Elf Contour Blush and Bronzer 
Book- Don't  You Forget About Me by: Alexandra Potters
Candy Magazine
Victoria Secret  Perfume in Midnight Dare
Cross Earrings By Forever21
Love Beauty Polish in New year's eve By: Forever21

I was so thankful to my Ninong and Ninang for this wonderful gift!

sa uulitin hahah Lolz! Merry Christmas and have a Wonderful New Year Everyone


If you want me guys to do and Review on any Products, books you've seen
in this page just leave a comment down below

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