17 February 2013

DIY Heart Shorts

Hello Everyone I'm back again I'know its been a month actually, its just that i'm kinda busy with school works. BTW here its is a post valentine DIY Hope you guys like it Bye :* PLS Watch in HD

What You Need.

Scissor     Textile Paint   Sponge    Shorts  Plasticsheets
With your Plastic sheet ( Make sure its a hard one guys) mine
i'm using from our old picture album..
sorry ma if your reading this XD
Cut an Heart shape on it.. :)

fill in the mold with any color of the paint that you want
make sure that  it will also be color co-ordinated with
your shorts.
I'm sure it will probably look like this :)

I know that some of it looks probably mess up.. just practice


PS GUIN If Your reading This HINTAY2x ka muna lab u!! XD

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