25 December 2012

What I Got For Christmas 2012!

Warning : If you don't like what you see or read in this blog you can walk away, its not that i was bragging to you guys what i have or recieve, i'm just sharing to you guys this cause i consider you guys part of my life! so here it is 

1st up..  Make-up

Elf Tinted moisturizer in Nude
Elf cover everything concealer in Light
Elf Little Black Beauty Book Warm Edition
Elf Contour Blush and Bronzer 
Book- Don't  You Forget About Me by: Alexandra Potters
Candy Magazine
Victoria Secret  Perfume in Midnight Dare
Cross Earrings By Forever21
Love Beauty Polish in New year's eve By: Forever21

I was so thankful to my Ninong and Ninang for this wonderful gift!

sa uulitin hahah Lolz! Merry Christmas and have a Wonderful New Year Everyone


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